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Head On Your Neck

I fell in love with you
Just like you wanted me to
And every morning was
So comfortable because

I lay my head on your neck
And slept for hours on end
I lay my head on your neck, on your neck

The sunlight always crawled
Slowly up the wall
It swept away the gloom
And made a rainbow in your room

I know a year's gone by
Since the last time we kissed
I know I know I know
But it's gone so slow
It's been dreadful

I woke up next to you
In the early afternoon
I guess I had a hunch
That this would be our last brunch


Energy 1 2 3

I've had a lot of really good dreams
You seem to be popping up
I can't stop smiling when I'm asleep
Nobody but you better wake me up

Meeting you was what I needed
Energy 1 2 3
Seeing you under my eyelids
Staring right back at me

I'm in a lot of really bad dreams
There are some guys I messed up
All of these guys may tell you some things
Use your first to shut them up

Meeting you was what was next and
Energy 1 2 3
Beating up all of my exes
Energy 1 2 3

Look at me, look at you
We're a couple and we're cute
Look at you, look at me
We're so full of energy

Life has big one big beautiful dream
Ever since we became a pair
Flying around by kicking my feet
Pulling you out of thin air

Meeting you was what was best and
Energy 1 2 3
Anniversary presents!
Energy 1 2 3

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