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Friends Are Foes

Where does one go when nobody gives a damn
Where can you meet when nobody can make plans
No one is reliable
I might just try some new friends

Girls are stupid, shallow brats
And guys make me want to die
I can't be a part of that
So I'll just be all alone tonight

Where does one stay when no one will let you in
How can you play when no one is any fun
Summer is breezing by
And I haven't even gone outside

Stairs to the bedroom
Creak with a dusty gloom
I can see it in the streaks of sunlight
It's not right

Why would one sleep when you can stay awake
Dance in the kitchen then watch the sun come up
I've got two hundred things done
That I will tell no one about


Don't Deny

Don't deny this lighting between us
Take a step in the right direction
Don't deny how much we need us
I would give you so much affection

Don't deny that you need love
I think I know where you can get it
Don't deny what you're dreaming of
This is supposed to be unexpected

Let me touch your arms
Let me brush your hair
Let me kiss your eyes shut
Watch you breathe the air

Other girls may like you also
They wear things that get your attention
Don't be swayed by their advances
Don't give them the satisfaction

And they talk real loud
And they have bright hair
And they stand out
But they don't care

Don't deny that we're not so different
We've been hurt like no one's business
Don't deny that you're not indifferent
I want to be your only witness

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