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You Wrote All My Favorite Songs

Dear you make my heart spin
don't know how
But you do it so darn well
Anyone can tell you're the cutest thing!

You wrote all my favorite songs
And I sing them all day long
People at work think I'm annoying
But I can't help if I'm enjoying you

Love to hear you hit all the right notes
Playing on a vibraphone
Even when you're gone I'm never alone

You're with me on the train
And outside and in my bed
In my head coming out of my discman

I can't get enough of what I feel
Is the best song of the year
It's the one you wrote all about me

I will blush all day and I'll be red
I'll be whistling when I'm dead
It's just too much of a catchy tune!


You Must Think I'm Crazy

You must think I'm crazy but I've
Fallen hard for you
Love's not something I define, it's
Just something I do

I feel so strong and so weak when
I look in your eyes
I'm entirely down for staying
With you all my life

Don't come any closer for I
Can't take any more
Don't go further back now either
Stay right where you are

You must think I'm crazy but I've
Fallen hard for you
I'm a nut and you're amazing
Let me be your fool

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