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We went to every park in New York City
We visited your relatives in South New Jersey
On the bus we traded headphones
Played each other our favorite songs

These things didn't happen yet
But now I've got to undo
I've got to undo
All the things I imagined doing with you

Remember when you met my friends
You liked them all, except for one
Then we went and met your friends
They all liked me, except for one

I shouldn't have talked about you so much
That was my first mistake
I shouldn't have talked to you so much
I should have given you a break

I planned the way I'd say "I love you"
The time and place, and weather and clothes
I planned the way that I'd react
To your reaction, however it goes


The Other Half

For a time it seemed like I was stuck
You and I, I thought, were close enough

I broke up with you
But it broke me in two

Half of me was sorry
The other went to parties
And half of me wanted you back
While the other half gave me a smack

Memorize the letter that I sent
So I don't have to send it again

Though your picture still looks cute
Unfortunately it reminds me of you

2 of me + 1 of you
Does not make 2
I'm sick of trying to think
Of what to do with you

Can't say I enjoy being alone
But that's what it was like when you were stoned

You know where to find me
Unless the other half hides me

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