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We Are In A Car

I want to tell you how wonderful you are
I want to tell you, but we are in a car
And if I told you, you'd probably slam on the brake
And if you did that my head would certainly break

I want to take you and kiss you kiss you some more
I want to kiss you, but we are in a car
And if I kissed you, you'd probably swerve to the right
And into a tree, it would be a hideous sight

Driving down this highway all night in your beat up car
All night we've been driving, but haven't got very far
We should pull over and take our seatbelts off
What plays on the radio will become our song

Bom bom, bom bom bom!
Bom bom, bom bom!


A Summer Song

Where did every day go?
I don't really wanna know
Summer's over
And I'm not over you

I threw out my calendar
Cause every single time I check it
It's the day after the last
And I can't handle that

Where did every night go?
Where did all of our fights go
Now it's all too quiet
And a cool breeze has transpired

No more June
Goodbye July
A black and white August
That was us

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