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You were supposed to be on my team
You were supposed to feel worse than you did
You were opposed to little things
Like touch and sorry

I couldn't take the bitterness

I find repose in solitude
I was alone before I knew the drill
And I suppose you'll moan how
I was so so mean

You couldn't take the bitterness

I'm supposed to move on
You're supposed to be
Captured in an amber sap cube of memory
Later when they clone your dinosaur they'll be
All in love with me

You were supposed to come crawling back
I can't say I'm surprised that you did not
You crawled two hundred miles away
To your parents house

We couldn't take the bitterness



We met on a Saturday
All my thoughtless fears washed away
Walked past broken trees from the storm
Then we settled in
You kept me warm

It was a Saturday
But now it's a sadder day
And I don't feel alright
On this dark blue

Mornings feel alright
You wouldn't guess
When the sun goes down
How bad things get
I've figured out enough
To get out of bed
But the hardest part is
Climbing back in

Close the window shade
Neighbors shouldn't see
What a mess you've made
Made out of me

We met on a Saturday
Nighttime covered a masquerade
In my memories you're so kind
Was that you or just the moonlight?

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