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Really Happy

Over and over a pretty girl stole your heart
And sapped the love right out
Till it was sad and frail and parched
Over and over you swore off of all my kind
Until another girl came around and made you
Change your mind

Well maybe I can make you happy
And maybe you can make me happy
We'll be really happy...OH!

I'm pretty jealous I got to the party late
And missed a big window
I could have maybe been your date
I'm pretty petty, I hate everyone you've touched
And I like you so much, our eyes meet
and I blush

I can see into the future and I see
We're sitting on a wooden bench at some pretty park
And we kiss, we're dating, you and me
In the future



What did you get me?
Is it a new cat?
Or even a pet rat?
Or how 'bout a back scratch?
What did you get me? You got me...

You dumping me
On my birthday, it's the worst day
That I've ever had
Life is so sad and you should feel bad

They say that your 20s
Go way too quickly
And then you're 50
And still lonely
Oh if only, you didn't get...

It's the one day
When things are supposed to go my way
The only damn day all year round
That people can't bring me down

What did you get me?
I don't see presents
Or flowers or chocolates
This is unpleasant
I'm gonna be sick. You got me...

You should feel
Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad!

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