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Have You Met Someone?

I don't regret the time we've spent
In fact I think it's splendid
The more I guess at your progress
The more it seems we've ended

I haven't been with many people
Not after what happened with us
I don't know why I feel like I must be faithful

But have you met someone?

A guy at work is a big flirt
He asked me out for supper
My read cheeks glowed but I said no
It just doesn't seem proper

Is she pretty?
Is she happy?
How does she kiss?
Does she exist?

My kitchen's cold and all alone
I miss you at the table
I eat and go to sleep I don't know
If this mood is fatal


I Love

Guess what?
Guess who I love
It's fun!
I bet you'll know

I love
I love
I love

I want
To let you know
I'll let
You in my home

I love
I love
I love

You and me
What we can be
You and I
Make me cry in a good way

Guess what
My heart is all about
I think you've figured it out

I love
I love
I love

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