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Another Lesson

Your hair looks nice today, Oh no
That's not just something I say when I
Want something in return, oh but
Something would be nice

I miss the way you'd smile when I
Would say something silly, but now
You just roll your eyes as if
It were no surprise

I'm under the impression
That you're just not impressed when
I start undressin'
Though I could be guessin'


I don't think we should stop, I don't
Think we should give up, I'd like
To kiss you and make up, but when
I sit down you stand up.


Shitty Stars

Walking alone I'm enclosed like ropes by
couples hand in hand
Buying another drink I think that
I'd rather not understand

Why you disappeared
Why I'm still here
And the sky's never looked so empty

Out come all the shitty stars
I'll fill up an empty bar
and pay and stay until tomorrow...
When they're all gone

Picking up all the pieces just to
throw them in the trash
You don't remember so I won't remind you
And that will be the end of that

Fine, don't be nice
I won't think twice
but THREE or FOUR or TWENTY times instead
That's when...

I made your favorite food tonight
Just in case you stopped by
But you didn't so I fed it to my cat
Then she died. Oh my.

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